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I find myself sitting around so much and doing nothing but looking at a wall or out the window. Lost mostly in my own head on things that I shouldn't be worring about. It's annoying how little things consume me like what I should be making for dinner or how I maybe should clean out the freezer or things like that. I wish I didn't spend so much of my time stressing. I should be spending it doing things that make me happy not worring and stressing over things that just don't matter that much.


Joe annoys me

Sometimes hes just so annoying. like everything he does gets on my nerves at times. welll when hes drinking its dumb he talks unbelieveably loud and constantly asks whats wrong. it makes me wanmnt to kill myself or atleast lock myself away in another room. but when i get to my other room hes outsaside the door asking whats wrong. ugh.


Zombie walk

Thatss what we did Saturday night. there were loads of people everyone should go to there local zombie walk nest year its so much fun haha.

Itssss beeen a longg timeee.

So its very very late or very very early depending on how you loook at it. its like five ten or something and i cant seem to fall asleep. i dont know why but ive been up really late lately. ha did you guys notice how i have a lot of similar words right next to each other. anyway i cant sleep im laying well half laying in bed right now watching the water boy. joes asleepy next to me hah and my little man is at the foot of the bed. he has an eye infection poor little meatwad babyyykitty. ive been gone a long time like always.

updates updates. we went to vegas again this year joe got to come with me. it was amazing vactions are awesome but vacations with yourrr baby are so much better.
ummmm i think thats mostly it. really for updatess. oh no theres somthin haha im addicted to a few new things alll legal. haha oneee is gleeee and thhe other is this vloging couple charles and alli. haha think the youtube is something like hmm no clue just search charles trippy. theyre doing this blog well vlog a day for a year. i like it hahaa its like having friends i never fight with.
you know ive just decided i kinda hate this app think cause i only get three tag options. its kinda annoying haha but i guess i can fix it later.
ohhhh the picture is meatwad in my new bag he likes purses.....no hes not gay hahaha.
Itssss beeen a longg timeee.


I leftt one of my communtiesss today if you are frommm there dont leave haha! ill be abck some day i swearrr! I will miss all you lovelys haha though i think ill be trying to atleast post here more often. more pictures cause i got a new camera!! its the sex like me haha oh snapp!

i love how theres jack and lube on my bedside tablee whats on yours!!!


9/9/2009 i spent it in beddd.

Oncee in a while i make time to come back to live journall i do miss it and all you lovelyy people. even though im not sure who keeps up with this anymore. i got the app for my phone its sexyyy time. it makes up dateingg easyyy! maybe lots more picture posts to comeeeeeee!!!
2009 i spent it in beddd.


my mom and your mom sitting by a fire

im glad ive been hanging out as much as i can i fuckin miss people. hahaha

oh oh and i got a hair cut
but i dont think i ahve a picture of that but its cure with lots of layers and some bangsssss.


falling falling falling

I haven't been outside today. I should go out there and enjoy warmth befor our 'winter' comes. its just so hot its not enjoyable. I've been playing a lot of WoW lately haha I made the sweetes guild for my gnome. haha I thought it was cleaverrr! I miss little gracie a lot. like more so than I though I could miss a person. I keep looking back on highschool and how we spent everyday togeather. getting ready for nine hours and still being late. how alone I felt at the tree when she was broken from spider bites. I should hang out with her as muich as I can cause shess jobless and has some freedays haha.

my boobs are huge todayy. its cause of the time of the month I know its going to be just to much when im preggers. omg I don't even want to think about how big they will be then. joe willl love it im sure.

carpet fluffer

ha so just now joe came home and i was fyssing with the vaccume. he laughed and said 'what ya doin?' fussed a bit more llooked up and said 'i want to clean the bushh so it will fluff the carpet' he laughed again and called me a fluffer. i was like 'onlyy if i get paid' meanin i won the back and forth and he went off to shower.

so i know i said i wanted to write daily. i have been just not always on here. i have a notebook im slowly filling. ive been writng everyday for more than a week and i lovee it. i feel so fresh afterwards.


on xbox live isss so ranchy. haha

i dontt want to have cam sex no haha strangerssssssssssssssssssssssssssss are scary.